Interview: The Creative Factor

I talked to Matt McCrue at The Creative Factor, a publication that shares stories of the innovators, visionary thinkers, and trailblazers who are taking imaginative approaches to designing our way forward.


Matt: What types of conversations does The Strange Foundation aim to spark and facilitate?

Willa: The Strange is a shape-shifting entity that can evolve and adapt based on the conversations that feel necessary to spark. Mostly though, we’re interested in facilitating work that addresses how to build a better future.

Since we got started, we’ve focused on building out a residency program that supports creative practitioners amplifying change across disciplines. Most of the residents we host aren’t visual artists—they’re journalists, organizers, curators, designers, politicians, writers, botanists, arts administrators, social-justice entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. The key aspect that ties all the residents we’ve hosted together is that each of them is imagining a more sustainable and equitable future—and taking proactive steps to make it real.

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