A Guide to 3D Photogrammetry for NYTimes R&D

Constructing 3D models with photogrammetry allows journalists to share objects and environments with their audiences in a comprehensive, immersive way that can’t be achieved with photography or videography alone. The R&D team at the New York Times has developed a series of photogrammetry techniques that enable anyone with a higher-end smartphone to create publication-quality 3D models for the web, and An End-to-End Guide to Photogrammetry with Mobile Devices open-sources those techniques so that journalists, students, and others all around the world can make use of them.

I worked with the R&D team to develop and edit the technical guides and demos to be as accessible and clear as possible. There are three guides total, which cover the processes of capturing, processing, and delivering 3D photogrammetry to the web.

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