Make 100 for Kickstarter

In January 2017, Kickstarter launched Make 100, an initiative focused on editions of 100. I led the Make 100 initiative from start to finish, spearheading the ideation and creative direction, project management, paid and organic promotion, and content partnerships.

Make 100 motivated our vast creator community to make use of the Kickstarter platform in January, typically Kickstarter's slowest month for newly launched projects. In its first year, 474 creators launched Make 100 projects, and those projects had a 70{088788eaa25b7c6b0dcfb5bf97edf1649e60296ca45d40c07f90bcac36bffe09} success rate (across all of Kickstarter, the average success rate is around 36{088788eaa25b7c6b0dcfb5bf97edf1649e60296ca45d40c07f90bcac36bffe09}). Additionally, the average Make 100 project funded at over 700{088788eaa25b7c6b0dcfb5bf97edf1649e60296ca45d40c07f90bcac36bffe09} of its goal, giving arts and culture creators a boost through focused editorial promotion of their limited-edition projects.

As part of Make 100, we produced an interactive creator worksheet, as well as numerous other resources for creators to use as they planned their projects. Make 100 is now a tradition at Kickstarter, and happens each January.

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