Let's collaborate :)

I currently work full-time for The Creative Independent, act as a mentor for NEW INC members, and spend most of my additional energy and attention running The Strange Foundation. However, I am always open to new collaborative relationships if the project/work is flexible and relevant to my interests. I'm also open to hearing about writing opportunities, editing work, and possibilities to lead workshops on the topics of creative-idea manifestation, digital culture, utopian cults, speculative gardening, you name it.

To discuss a potential partnership or collaboration, or to learn about working with me as a mentor, email me at willa [dot] koerner [at] gmail [dot] com. I'm always happy to chat candidly and learn about what you're up to.


What other people have to say about working with me as a mentor...

The significance of Willa's guidance during a pivotal transition in my organization's journey exceeded all expectations I had of a mentor. Rather than working from her own assumptions and delivering platitudes, she really listened to me—to all of us—and brought that rare capacity to understand our needs on all the dimensions we had them. In simple terms: She unblocked me. She didn't cheerlead—she clarified, she oriented, she made hurtles that were once scary feel fun and possible. Bravery can be learned and she is a gifted teacher. With her attentive support I was able to face my financial situation, develop goals, produce an action plan, and create a pitch deck, which she followed up on by co-planning a presentation to people who would become key supporters. Had Willa not provided a steady hand for our team, a foundation for us to stand on, and the time and resources we needed to make the hard decisions, The New Inquiry would not exist today. It's difficult to sum up in words, but simply put, Willa has a gift and our organizational well-being is a testament to it.

— Rachel Rosenfelt, Publisher and Vice President of The New Inquiry

My conversations with Willa around online media and publishing have been a testament to both her wealth of experience and her quick thinking. I found in Willa a pragmatist who moves easily between the strategic and the tactical. Our 1:1 discussions provided unexpected clarity when formalizing the thought leadership model of my practice. I'd confidently recommend Willa as a thought partner or strategy consultant to both industry leaders and entrepreneurs going to market with a new media product.

— Toby Shorin, Cultural Theorist, Design Strategist, Writer, and Partner at Other Internet

Willa provided laser-pointed advice for Project Inkblot over a communications strategy that was both realistic for us, as well as effective. We trust her precision and willingness to deliver the truth, always cloaked with humor, and with the intention to expand our thinking. It's refreshing to work with someone who knows when to be hands-on, when to trust and hold space for our own process, and how to reliably deliver exactly what we needed to succeed.

— Boyuan Gao, Principal & Partner at Project Inkblot


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