Spatial Audio Guide Series for NYTimes R&D

Spatial audio is changing the way we experience recorded sound, making it possible to add entirely new layers of sonic presence to narrative storytelling mediums. As the emerging field continues to come into focus, standards are being defined in real time — making it a crucial time to experiment and share information across the space. 

To better understand the capabilities of the medium, the R&D team at The New York Times has been collaborating with the engineering team behind The Daily to experiment with the full pipeline of spatial audio production for podcasters. They are committed to making their learnings accessible to other journalists, and as such, they hired me to edit and art direct a new four-part guide series detailing R&D's approaches to recording, mixing, and distributing spatial audio—plus a primer guide, which covers the medium's key concepts and approaches.

These guides were primarily written by Jon Cohrs and Chris Wood. I edited the full series, and co-wrote some parts. I also led art direction, working with illustrator Yoshi Sodeoka.

View A Guide to Creating Spatial Audio Podcasts →

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