Art After Trump: some thoughts, and a poem

Last Thursday, over one hundred artists, writers, musicians, and otherwise creative people came together to put on Art After Trump, a marathon-style series of readings and performances in response to the election. Hosted by Hyperallergic, The Creative Independent, and a number of other organizations and publications, the event spanned over six hours and exposed an avalanche of raw emotion. Every participating reader was asked to limit their performance to two… Read More →

Some slow-moving things I like on the internet

This post originally published by NewHive. Above art: “In Flux” by me, on NewHive. Lately I’ve been really into slow internet. Is that a thing? (Note: I used the internet to look this up, and of course it’s a thing). I’ve sort of maxed out on Twitter and Facebook and all the brain-slaying feelings that come with seeing a thousand things all at once, and lately I’ve been in this phase… Read More →

Announcement: I’m Guest-Editing ART21’s Renewal-Themed Spring Issue

Over the next couple of months, I am acting as the guest editor for ART21’s Renewal-themed Spring issue. ART21 Magazine provides a space for insightful writing on contemporary art and artists, and is available exclusively online. Regular columns, original editorial features, exclusive videos and interviews, and previously unpublished content from ART21’s rich archive all mirror the organization’s approach to stimulating critical reflection. Published six times per year, each issue of the… Read More →

News: My interview with artist Julia Christensen published on The Creators Project

I had the pleasure of interviewing media artist Julia Christensen about her poignant project Burnouts, in which she turns discarded iPhones and other trashed technologies into functional projectors. Using her homemade projectors, she beams animations of obsolete constellations onto the ceiling – interestingly, these constellations have been removed from maps of the night sky because they can no longer be viewed from earth, in large part due to light polution from… Read More →

Making the Invisible Visible: Bitcoin Edition

Can invisible information have a defined visual aesthetic? -and/or- When can the aesthetics of the digital world move beyond symbology? PSA: Not sure what Bitcoin is? It’s a completely digital peer-to-peer payment system and currency that uses cryptography to secure transactions. It was introduced as open source software by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous character who the media is obsessed with trying to identify. Users can send and receive bitcoins using digital wallets (imagine a digital… Read More →

Why don’t techies care about art?

Recently I’ve noticed the relationship between the art world and tech world becoming a bit strained. As techies earn more and more money at younger ages, the established art world looks older and stiffer by comparison. Of course, the art world is old – a visit to almost any museum will prove that, and any liberal arts graduate will remember the likely pairing of the two words art and history. When put in… Read More →

And now, for the 2012 archives…

This year I’ve had the pleasure of being ridiculously busy. Lots of productive things have happened in the meantime, and I wanted to use this space as a repository for bits of text/media that are currently scattered across the Internet that I would like to keep around. If I had a more dynamic tagging structure for this blog, I would tag this post RELENTLESSLY SELF-CENTERED, so be warned. I was… Read More →

Surfacing / Resurfacing

I have been thinking a lot about the possibilities of place/placement recently— both the placement of myself (in San Francisco, in my apartment, at my job, moving through time) and the intense memories that I have ingrained in my mind of other places (mostly places in Vermont, old homes/houses, paths that I have walked hundreds of times, fields, clearings where I can see the trees lining up just right if… Read More →


BROKEN LIGHT. The landlord is in the kitchen trying to fix the electricity. The light fixture is on the floor, where the ceiling plaster is starting to pile up as well. Colored wires stick out like spiny plants from the hole in the ceiling where the landlord’s hand is stuck, and now there is more plaster on the kitchen table, especially in the banana bowl. The landlord is yelling swears.… Read More →