Southern Exposure’s Monster Drawing Rally

Southern Exposure’s annual Monster Drawing Rally is happening tomorrow night at the Verdi Club, and I’ll be drawing from 6-7pm. You pay $20 to get in the door, then you can hang out, drink beer, watch artists draw, and buy new work for your collection for just $60 a pop – bargain basement prices! Come watch me attempt to draw something IRL, it’ll be fun. Some of my great friends… Read More →

PROOF OF WORK: a human approach to the convergence of art and technology

How do digital technologies, while distinctly inhuman, exacerbate our humanness? With this concept in mind, I’m co-curating a one-night-only exhibition with Jenny Sharaf of Gallery Daily at The Sub. DETAILS In ‘proof-of-work’ systems, computers compete with each other to solve complex algorithms. The computer that correctly solves the problem the fastest is rewarded for its achievement, and for helping to keep the system secure. As more algorithms are solved, the chains of information become… Read More →

Big news! I’m becoming a free(lance) agent.

In a month, I’ll be leaving my position at SFMOMA in order to pursue creative projects and freelance work at the intersection of art + technology. This is a big change, but the time has come for me to shift gears, and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s next. During my time at the museum, I have worked on so many fulfilling projects. I began as an intern in what… Read More →

#HiveSalon on July 2: How can we harness the creative advantage of the Internet?

Q: The internet allows us to tap into a collective intelligence, but now that we’re all plugged in, there is nothing psychedelic about it. We have all the information we need, but are we any wiser for it? What’s missing? A: The missing piece is between your ears… You seek salvation in the external world, but that world is yours to make. When are you going to learn to control,… Read More →


Hey San Francisco-dwelling friends! I’m putting together a film night at Rock Bar this Wednesday (tomorrow) – come join me for a drink and some silent film action starting at 8pm! I’ve selected four visually-stunning, feature-length experimental art films from the ’60s and ’70s, each of which stars (or features) musicians and their music. Although the films will be played silently, I’ve compiled a playlist on Rdio (unfortunately, none of… Read More →

And now, for the 2012 archives…

This year I’ve had the pleasure of being ridiculously busy. Lots of productive things have happened in the meantime, and I wanted to use this space as a repository for bits of text/media that are currently scattered across the Internet that I would like to keep around. If I had a more dynamic tagging structure for this blog, I would tag this post RELENTLESSLY SELF-CENTERED, so be warned. I was… Read More →

Modern Art in a Vacuum

For SFMOMA’s Staff Art Show, Final Call, I chose to make a video work (created using digital images of works integral to SFMOMA’s permanent collection) that would be accessed through a framed QR code “portal.” This is my attempt to merge ideas surrounding art education/interpretation in the gallery, the contemporary evolution of art’s digital presence, plus the enormously complicated topic of Barthes’ “simulacrum,” or the reproduced copy of the original… Read More →

Speaking at The Creators Project this Saturday, March 17 @ 3PM!

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking in a panel discussion on “Museums Going Digital” at Fort Mason Center in SF. As part of The Creators Project—the world’s epicenter of technology and innovation—this panel is just one tiny component to a day filled with art, technology, music, and film. Here’s more info on the panel’s topic of discussion, from moderator Julia Kaganskiy, Editor of The Creators Project and one of 2011’s most influential women in technology:… Read More →