For me, drawing and painting are ways to create source material for my computer art.

Mixing and re-mixing is a huge part of my creative process. I create IRL environments to use as screens, then play off of these forms to create moving animations that evolve into their own worlds. By creating immersive installations, I hope to bring these worlds to life.


A 3D animated video piece collaging elements from varying source material, including textures from IRL paintings and outer space. This HTML5 embed will look weird if you’re browser’s window is on the smaller size (or if you’re viewing this on a mobile device). 

free falling chaos installed


Video installation created during my residency at Vermont Studio Center. The animated video is meant to be projected over a charcoal drawing (which acts as its screen and activates it in three dimensional space). The second video is compiled footage from the piece’s brief installation at VSC open studio night.