Imagining Spacewalks for The Smithsonian


HadfieldQuoteImagining Spacewalks is a Tumblr art project designed to accompany the exhibition, Outside the Spacecraft: 50 Years of Extra-Vehicular Activitydeveloped for The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

My primary role in the project was to develop the creative concept, outline a strategic promotional strategy, and advise the Smithsonian’s digital marketing team on how to best engage their digital audiences with a crowd-sourced art project. Additionally, I designed and customized the project’s Tumblr site, worked with the exhibition’s curator and digital marketing manager to develop engaging content, and provided additional consultation and production support for ongoing aspects of the project.

The goals of Imagining Spacewalks were to educate site visitors about the history of extra-vehicular activity (EVA), enable exploration of the topic through related archival content, and connect visitors to the long tradition of spacewalk-inspired artwork. During the months-long run of the Outside the Spacecraft exhibition, I managed incoming submissions to the Tumblr, developed fresh social media content to promote the project, and provided ongoing strategic support.