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What follows is a selection of articles and interviews relating to my work – either they are about me, about projects I have spearheaded, or include me as an interviewee.



Kickstarter Gold brings back popular old projects with new spins — The Verge

Quoted in the Verge speaking about Kickstarter Gold, a special initiative I produced that brought back some of the most iconic projects in Kickstarter history — all with bold new twists.

Tech has been marginalizing museums. Can it now be used to save them? — Circa

After moderating a panel at NADA about the future of museums, I did an interview with Circa exploring how some artists and curators are breathing new life into the museum model.

The Abundant Artist Podcast — Full-Length Interview

I cover everything from art & technology’s convergence, to what my job at Kickstarter entails, to how to get your work seen and noticed as an artist.


Populist Patronage, Cultured Magazine

A full-spread feature on the Kickstarter Arts team, by Tracy Zwick. Excerpt: Led by four visionary women under 30, the year-old arts team has already helped artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Ai Weiwei, and institutions including Martha Graham Dance Company and the Smithsonian connect with new audiences that want to participate in work they support—rather than merely fund it.

What is Art and Technology?SFAQ

‘Art and technology?’ I see a natural convergence in the form of a gradient composed of the people, projects, and ideas that incorporate varying levels of the two components…”

Insider Tips from the Art World’s Social Media Pros, BLOUIN Artinfo

The digital world is transforming before our eyes, veering into exciting new terrain where real experiences can unfold in meaningful ways. Just like museums’ galleries and theaters, digital and social media can be curated and programmed, too.”

50 Influential Art Figures to Follow on Twitter, Complex Magazine

Willa Koerner tweets bits of her life from San Francisco and is aware of her presence on the Internet, in asking questions like, “What are we doing here (on the Internet)?” Follow her to find out what’s going on in the art world on the West coast and beyond.”

Willa Koerner, Social Media Manager, Yr Doing a Great Job

My job isn’t merely to sit behind TweetDeck all day. I need to be an effective project manager, copywriter, copy editor, photographer, marketer, publicist, collaborator, and networker.”


How To Make It: 15 Rules For Success From Creative Industry Insiders, Complex Magazine

Rule: Be the nicest, friendliest, most genuine person you can be.”

Video Interview with Willa Koerner, The Digital Museum


The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2012, TIME

The West Coast’s first museum dedicated to 20th century art is now the first museum to make our Top 140 Twitter Feeds. Let’s state the obvious: the point of art museums is to educate and expose us to the history of art. By providing reviews on exhibitions, and art history facts you might not otherwise know, we’ll put it this way: SFMOMA has mastered the art of twitter.”

15 Twitter 140 Alumni You Should Follow, TIME

SFMOMA is the West Coast’s first museum dedicated to 20th century art. Its Twitter feed is exemplary – educating and actively engaging its audience on the history of art.”

10 Art Institutions to Pique Your Interest in Pinterest, From SFMOMA to Pace, BLOUIN Artinfo

20 Great Art Institutions to Follow on Tumblr, BLOUIN Artinfo

Slow Art with Willa Koerner and SFMOMAslow, Slow Art Day

People move so quickly and rush through experiences that would be much more magical when taken in at a slower, more contemplative pace… We joke about “FOMO” [Editor’s note: “fear of missing out”] but it’s a real and problematic plague for our generation! We want to see it all, do it all, and share it all. Slow looking is a way that we can re-learn how to think critically and be patient with ourselves and our minds.”

When Art Goes Online, California Lawyer

The Top 30 Pinners You Should Follow Now, TIME

Since the invention of the Internet, the way we view and discover artwork is no longer limited to the construct of four white gallery walls. Museums have been making digital strides to take their work from the gallery walls to the computer screen in compelling ways to inform the public about art, withSFMOMA as an exemplary case. Here, you’ll find everything you’d hope for on a Pinterest board, but with an artistic slant. Food? Mondrian cake. Design? Josef Albers’ “Homage to the Square.” Fashion? Cindy Sherman’s self portraits.”

“Best Arts Twitter Account” Awarded to @SFMOMA, SF Weekly Web Awards 2011

 Press for my SXSW panel, Everyone’s a Curator: Do Museums Still Matter?

38 SXSW 2014 Panels You Can’t Miss, Mashable

This is a fantastic opportunity to ask Koerner about how the SFMOMA has continued to attract an audience and cultivate its community while it’s shut down for renovations.”

Must-see sessions at SXSW Interactive, Dazed Digital

…It’s a genuinely fascinating topic that all museums and galleries are now being forced to wrestle with: how do you curate digital content and remain relevant in a world where everyone is encouraged to curate all of the time?”

SXSW: We are all curators, Art & Seek

Willa Koerner, assistant manager for digital engagement at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, launched the SFMOMA Tumblr site under the radar to give her museum more of a dynamic digital presence.  Within weeks after the initial 2011 launch, she started receiving submissions of readers’ work. ‘People were sending me their artwork, the same way that people used to send slides in a manila envelope to a museum, hoping a curator will discover them and throw them an exhibition … which never happens,’ she said. But Koerner’s initial resistance soon gave way to an epiphany: ‘You can put anything up there as long as it fits in with what your brand does.'”