“Speculative Futurism” for SFAQ


Speculative Futurism is an experimental future-focused project that unfolded on Twitter, as well as in print in the February issue of SFAQ.

AboutWhen we think of the future, it can seem far away. Looming as a thunder storm on the horizon, it rumbles and rolls. It is seductive, frightening, dark, shining, foreboding, and magnificent. As an intangible cloud, the future never arrives. It will always be blowing in off of some cool or warm front, anxiously anticipated and only loosely prepared for. But what if we could change the weather? What if there was a way to reverse-engineer that daunting cloud, and decide for ourselves which type of sky we might cast overhead?

Speculative Futurism is an interview open to all, using the format of Twitter to regulate, systematize, and propel a conversation about potential futures. My intention was to stage a dialogue that began as one-sided via a group of statements written in isolation, then evolved as it moved from a hypothetical future to a concrete now, spreading and becoming fully realized through social media.

Through #SpeculativeFuturism, I was interested in investigating “the future” as an unfolding concept, especially in terms of how it might be reverse-engineered. Can speculation, imagination, art-making, and the spread of information influence what’s to come?

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