Experimental Media for FutureCoast

Client: FutureCoast

In the spring of 2014, I worked with Ken Eklund and Sarah Thacher to produce experimental media content for FutureCoast, an alternate reality game raising climate change awareness.


A chronofact rescued by FutureWatcherGirl

For this project, I developed Future Watcher Girl (or FWG), a non-player character whose role was to reflect on, remix, and creatively promote the main content of the FutureCoast project – voicemails from the future. Since the voicemails were completely audio-based, the FutureCoast team identified the need to create compelling visual content that would entice people to listen to and share the recordings. I created the FWG Tumblr as a way to bring the voicemails into conversation with other bits of media and news related to the project, knowing that there is an existing group of Tumblr users devoting time and energy to creatively raising climate change awareness. The GIFs I created for the FWG Tumblr were illustrative of the most compelling crowd-sourced FutureCoast voicemails, and were made to be appealing as shareable, visually-interesting content, so that users would reblog the posts and spread the FutureCoast project throughout the vast Tumblr network. By sharing these compelling GIFs alongside a curated selection of relevant artwork, news stories, related media, and other elements from the FutureCoast project, the FWG Tumblr established a visual vocabulary of its own, finding success through its dark yet optimistic sense of the future.


Original GIFs created for the FWG Tumblr. Click this GIF to view in-browser.