x TCI: How do you use the internet mindfully?


As the internet (and all of its tangential offerings) continues to expand, it would be easy to allow it to swallow our minds and our hearts whole. And yet, perhaps with a little taming, we could resurface some of the romanticism and utopianism of the ‘net’s early days. There is so much to be had online—so many portals to information and ideas, so many yet-to-be-made connections and discoveries—that the opportunity to give it some order has called out to me for some time (see: this thing I wrote in 2015). I’ve often pondered the questions, how can we use the internet more mindfully? How can we be proactive, rather than passive, in the ways we consume and offer up digital information? How can we make more meaning online?

Inspired by some of the above questions, and by the idea that the internet can till be a wildly productive space, The Creative Independent is partnering with, the platform for research and ideas, to co-organize a Library of Practical and Conceptual Resources. Launched in spring of 2018, the Library is intended to create space for healthy reflection on our online habits, as well as to spur creative thought and action. It is composed of a series of digital collections (each one hosted as its own channel on that gather together ideas, links, references, and other useful internet-based ephemera compiled by participating artists around a theme of their choice. Alongside each resource collection, you’ll find an introductory essay written by the channel’s creator, edited by me, and published on The Creative Independent. (You can see everything we’ve published so far linked at the bottom of this page).

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On April 26, I joined the team at SYPartners to speak about knowledge management. The conversation focused on four key areas: content, tools, institutional, and personal. I spoke from the institutional perspective, using my time at SFMOMA, Kickstarter, and The Creative Independent as an anchor to reflect on how knowledge (and wisdom) must be built on top of personal experience, and how this therefore makes trying to “manage” it somewhat futile. You can see an archive of the whole conversation on