What is the future of digital art?

On Tuesday, I spoke on a panel discussion about the future of the digital art landscape at Heron Arts in San Francisco. The event was hosted by Depict, and featured The Lab’s Dena Beard, YBCA’s Ceci Moss, the Wattis’ Anthony Huberman, and moderator Alexander Nemerov of Stanford. It was an interesting talk, and since it was recorded, you can watch the entire thing on YouTube – but only if you… Read More →

Chatrooms II // Creative Code Meetup + GIFbites Exhibition

This Friday will mark the second Chatrooms event! For this installation of the series, Morehshin and I are guest-curating Gray Area’s Creative Code Meetup. The evening will feature artist talks by four terrific contemporary new media artists, as well as the United States debut of GIFbites, a group exhibition including over 50 international artists. For the theme of the evening, we’ve chosen to focus on artists who are using online spaces, social… Read More →

NEWS: First Two Chatrooms Events + Panel Discussion at Heron Arts!

Hello! There are a few events that I’m excited to be producing/involved with coming up over the next couple of weeks. This Friday (tomorrow!) will be our first public program designed within Gray Area Art + Tech’s cultural incubator. The event is the first living incarnation of Chatrooms, the program series I’m co-curating with Morehshin Allahyari, which focuses on elevating the dialogue around contemporary new media art in San Francisco. Don’t miss… Read More →

NEWS: Cultural Incubator at Gray Area Art + Tech, “Chatrooms” Series, and More!

I’m pleased to announce that for the next three months, I’ll be in residency at the Gray Area Art + Technology Theater as a founding member of their Cultural Incubator! While in the incubator, I’ll be working on my own art and writing projects, as well as collaborating with fellow new media artist and incubator member Morehshin Allahyari to curate Chatrooms, a series of one-night-only events and online exhibitions focused on bringing the… Read More →

News: My interview with artist Julia Christensen published on The Creators Project

I had the pleasure of interviewing media artist Julia Christensen about her poignant project Burnouts, in which she turns discarded iPhones and other trashed technologies into functional projectors. Using her homemade projectors, she beams animations of obsolete constellations onto the ceiling – interestingly, these constellations have been removed from maps of the night sky because they can no longer be viewed from earth, in large part due to light polution from… Read More →

♦ PYRAMIDROME 1 // come and time travel with me ♦

*note: this is the first email of PYRAMIDROME, a new art+tech+future-focused email I’ll be sending out on a semi-regular basis. I will also be posting text from the emails on my website, which is why you received this email 🙂 If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future? – Stephen Hawking Dear reader: What if I told you I was writing this from the future? That my… Read More →

News: Creative Code Immersive at Gray Area

Hello! I’m excited to write that I’ve started as a student in Gray Area’s Creative Code Immersive, a 10-weeks long, 10-hours-per-week class that will hopefully render me 100% complete Internet Lady Wizard. It feels good you guys, it feels good. During the first week, we covered HTML, CSS, GitHub, Frameworks, and some other odds and ends. My knowledge of HTML and CSS was already pretty decent, but GitHub and frameworks… Read More →

A New Class I’m Teaching: Inspired Social Media

*While this class already took place, we will be offering online documentation and worksheets from the class soon. Stay tuned!   On the evening of Monday, November 10, I will be teaching a class on social media at the Makeshift Society in Hayes Valley along with my friend and colleague extraordinaire, Kathryn Jaller. Kathy is currently owning content strategy at Chronicle Books, after recently departing from her role managing digital + social media at the… Read More →

Making the Invisible Visible: Bitcoin Edition

Can invisible information have a defined visual aesthetic? -and/or- When can the aesthetics of the digital world move beyond symbology? PSA: Not sure what Bitcoin is? It’s a completely digital peer-to-peer payment system and currency that uses cryptography to secure transactions. It was introduced as open source software by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous character who the media is obsessed with trying to identify. Users can send and receive bitcoins using digital wallets (imagine a digital… Read More →

Cybernetic Revolt | Film Night at Rock Bar

When computers kill us off, what will it look like? I’ve been wracking my brain to compile a list of the most aesthetically interesting and bizarre portrayals of humans being overcome by our deadliest creation yet: digital technology. While all these films are of course fictional, the themes hit very close to home. We’re approaching an age where digital technologies have much more power than we tend to acknowledge – at this… Read More →