A survey for artists about financial stability

Together with artist Yumna Al-Arashi, Brandon Stosuy (TCI’s Editor in Chief), and the rest of the TCI team, we’ve initiated a survey to collect information from visual artists about their path towards financial stability. Yumna wrote this about the undertaking in a recent newsletter (her newsletters are exceptional, by the way—you should subscribe!): The Art World is one of the last systems to be tackled by our beautiful revolutions of… Read More →

New Gig Alert: Hello, The Creative Independent

Back in December of 2017, I left my post as Kickstarter’s Director of Curation & Content and headed down a couple flights of stairs to work as the new Creative Content Director at The Creative Independent, a growing resource of emotional and practical guidance for artists of all types. TCI was established in 2016 and is published ads-free by Kickstarter, PBC (which explains why I still work in the same office… Read More →

Reinventing Museums — Panel at NADA New York

How are artists, curators, and cultural workers reinventing the idea of the museum to mean more to more people? At 2:30pm on Sunday, March 5, I’ll be moderating a panel at NADA New York with Alex Kalman of Mmuseumm, Ayodamola Okunseinde and Salome Asega of the Iyapo Repository, and Nico Wheadon of The Studio Museum in Harlem. The panel is part of Kickstarter’s partnership with NADA to present events, discussions, and workshops… Read More →

Art After Trump: some thoughts, and a poem

Last Thursday, over one hundred artists, writers, musicians, and otherwise creative people came together to put on Art After Trump, a marathon-style series of readings and performances in response to the election. Hosted by Hyperallergic, The Creative Independent, and a number of other organizations and publications, the event spanned over six hours and exposed an avalanche of raw emotion. Every participating reader was asked to limit their performance to two… Read More →

Some slow-moving things I like on the internet

This post originally published by NewHive. Above art: “In Flux” by me, on NewHive. Lately I’ve been really into slow internet. Is that a thing? (Note: I used the internet to look this up, and of course it’s a thing). I’ve sort of maxed out on Twitter and Facebook and all the brain-slaying feelings that come with seeing a thousand things all at once, and lately I’ve been in this phase… Read More →

Renewal-Themed Net Art, Fresh For You

This month, I am guest editing the “Renewal”-focused Spring issue of ART21 Magazine. As part of this project, I’ve been working with the multimedia publishing platform NewHive to solicit submissions of original artwork related to the theme. One winning artwork will receive a cash prize, and will receive a solo feature and interview in ART21. So far, I’ve been impressed with the quality of submissions. Below are GIFs created from… Read More →

Announcement: I’m Guest-Editing ART21’s Renewal-Themed Spring Issue

Over the next couple of months, I am acting as the guest editor for ART21’s Renewal-themed Spring issue. ART21 Magazine provides a space for insightful writing on contemporary art and artists, and is available exclusively online. Regular columns, original editorial features, exclusive videos and interviews, and previously unpublished content from ART21’s rich archive all mirror the organization’s approach to stimulating critical reflection. Published six times per year, each issue of the… Read More →

Delete Your Account! LIVE

Remember when our online brands were as nascent and juvenile as the platforms that hosted them? Back when LiveJournal was the only place to truly express one’s self and our MySpace pics were the dark embodiment of teenage angst? I’m programming and co-hosting a program at Hunter East Harlem Gallery with my friend and collaborator Alex Teplitzky which will examine the best of our teenaged online worst. If you kept a blog or have any… Read More →

⫷ ⬗ \\\ ♦ REAL UNREAL ♦ /// ⬗ ⫸ at Gray Area

On New Year’s Eve, I debuted a new animated projection tryptic on the ceiling of the Gray Area Art + Technology Theater. The piece was created specifically for the space, and was installed again – in an interactive iteration – on January 8 at Gray Area’s Creative Code Showcase, which also featured work by other students in the 2014 Fall Creative Code Immersive. Check out the full line-up here. About REAL UNREAL: STATUS: filters alter perception… Read More →

Announcing: I’m heading to Kickstarter!

It feels like it was only yesterday that I announced my plans to move on from my job with SFMOMA in order to do freelance work at the intersection of art and technology. Since I broke out on my own eight months ago, I’ve collaborated with a vast array of amazing people on some very compelling projects that blur the lines between curation, publishing, new media art and storytelling for the digital realm.… Read More →