Copyright/Social Media FAQs: Defining Best Practices for Museums

As our culture of social sharing has reached its boiling point, the lid has officially been blown off of traditional notions of copyright and intellectual property law. From the get-go, social media sites have imposed opaque policies that make it nearly impossible to understand exactly what is happening when you publish a post to their platform. While some extreme legal cases involving social media and copyright law have been settled in court… Read More →

And now, for the 2012 archives…

This year I’ve had the pleasure of being ridiculously busy. Lots of productive things have happened in the meantime, and I wanted to use this space as a repository for bits of text/media that are currently scattered across the Internet that I would like to keep around. If I had a more dynamic tagging structure for this blog, I would tag this post RELENTLESSLY SELF-CENTERED, so be warned. I was… Read More →

Speaking at The Creators Project this Saturday, March 17 @ 3PM!

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking in a panel discussion on “Museums Going Digital” at Fort Mason Center in SF. As part of The Creators Project—the world’s epicenter of technology and innovation—this panel is just one tiny component to a day filled with art, technology, music, and film. Here’s more info on the panel’s topic of discussion, from moderator Julia Kaganskiy, Editor of The Creators Project and one of 2011’s most influential women in technology:… Read More →