While spending a week at Vermont Studio Center, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by other visual artists working diligently in painting, sculpture and photography— I’m pretty sure I was the only mega-nerd computer/internet-lover there. I was also allowed to inhabit a HUGE studio, with lots of natural light and white wall space. So obviously, the first thing I did on Monday morning was install light-blocking black cloth all… Read More →

Vermont Studio Center

I just completed a week long (too short!) residency at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. It was really fantastic. I completed a new animated projection drawing installation – it’s called APOCALYPSE LATER. More soon!

Nebula Painting / Learning Maya

Teaching myself Maya—> I am a student of the nerds on the Internet and my own free will. I also just got into the Vermont Studio Center for a short residency coming up in April/May, which is really exciting. Hopefully I will be able to shut myself up in a dark barn with a projector and one single cord running from my computer into the Internet, like the true nebula… Read More →


This past Friday night I had my very first art show in San Francisco! It was at 443 Sutter, hosted by the Sherwood Institute in conjunction with the the launch of their new website and the release of their book. I got to project my piece, Cosmic Slop, on a wall in the gallery and it played on loop for the 4-hour duration of the party. More about Cosmic Slop:… Read More →

Going Haywire

The further an idea gets from its root source, the more apparent its core values become— but only if you’re selecting the very nucleus does the idea grow rather than fragment. Moving lackadaisically through thought provides an adequate environment for the dissonant creation of un-matter, or thoughts-that-almost-were-but-weren’t. Collecting these fragments, shards and castoffs evokes the piles of  non-ideas that are shed when a nucleus moves forward into its next permutation of existence, creating… Read More →