⫷ ⬗ \\\ ♦ REAL UNREAL ♦ /// ⬗ ⫸ at Gray Area

On New Year’s Eve, I debuted a new animated projection tryptic on the ceiling of the Gray Area Art + Technology Theater. The piece was created specifically for the space, and was installed again – in an interactive iteration – on January 8 at Gray Area’s Creative Code Showcase, which also featured work by other students in the 2014 Fall Creative Code Immersive. Check out the full line-up here. About REAL UNREAL: STATUS: filters alter perception… Read More →

News: Creative Code Immersive at Gray Area

Hello! I’m excited to write that I’ve started as a student in Gray Area’s Creative Code Immersive, a 10-weeks long, 10-hours-per-week class that will hopefully render me 100% complete Internet Lady Wizard. It feels good you guys, it feels good. During the first week, we covered HTML, CSS, GitHub, Frameworks, and some other odds and ends. My knowledge of HTML and CSS was already pretty decent, but GitHub and frameworks… Read More →

New HTML5 Animation: ORBZ

I’ve been experimenting with new CSS filter effects in the powerful HTML5 animation app, Hype. ORBZ, the following 3-part interactive animation, was created from just a few graphics and a video. All of the morphing/animation is 100% driven by HTML5 code. If it plays back a little bit slowly, think of it as Internet performance art – since I added filter effects to pretty much every aspect of the graphics… Read More →


I cannot begin to count the ways I adore the Obamas. I wish I had lots of money so that I could give more than $20 to their campaign, but since I’m a poor arts worker, I made them this animated GIF instead. As Mitt Romney fumbles his way through the next month and a half, I hope that the FLOTUS/POTUS team will have some time to relax, and possibly… Read More →

Modern Art in a Vacuum

For SFMOMA’s Staff Art Show, Final Call, I chose to make a video work (created using digital images of works integral to SFMOMA’s permanent collection) that would be accessed through a framed QR code “portal.” This is my attempt to merge ideas surrounding art education/interpretation in the gallery, the contemporary evolution of art’s digital presence, plus the enormously complicated topic of Barthes’ “simulacrum,” or the reproduced copy of the original… Read More →


Line drawings have been all I want to work on recently. Here are a few digitally manipulated drawings, one from something I started at Sketch Tuesday at 111 Minna Gallery, 2/22/12, one from something that happened while sitting on the couch, and one from today. The last one is a digitally altered watercolor painting about… the visceral pleasures of springtime sentiments.


Consciousness is a hall of mirrors// Architecturally encapsulated, impossibly built// What you see is reflected, permitted unnaturally// To exist within restraints. What you know to be above and below// Is beyond and underneath// We delight in your confusion.