PROOF OF WORK: a human approach to the convergence of art and technology

How do digital technologies, while distinctly inhuman, exacerbate our humanness? With this concept in mind, I’m co-curating a one-night-only exhibition with Jenny Sharaf of Gallery Daily at The Sub. DETAILS In ‘proof-of-work’ systems, computers compete with each other to solve complex algorithms. The computer that correctly solves the problem the fastest is rewarded for its achievement, and for helping to keep the system secure. As more algorithms are solved, the chains of information become… Read More →


Hey San Francisco-dwelling friends! I’m putting together a film night at Rock Bar this Wednesday (tomorrow) – come join me for a drink and some silent film action starting at 8pm! I’ve selected four visually-stunning, feature-length experimental art films from the ’60s and ’70s, each of which stars (or features) musicians and their music. Although the films will be played silently, I’ve compiled a playlist on Rdio (unfortunately, none of… Read More →


I cannot begin to count the ways I adore the Obamas. I wish I had lots of money so that I could give more than $20 to their campaign, but since I’m a poor arts worker, I made them this animated GIF instead. As Mitt Romney fumbles his way through the next month and a half, I hope that the FLOTUS/POTUS team will have some time to relax, and possibly… Read More →

Set It Free: Summer 2012 Mixtape

Summer in San Francisco means foggy, dreary mornings followed by crisp, sunny afternoons. Softball, sausages, and sweaty runs through Bernal Heights on the weekend fuel my happiness. Excursions to the beautiful California coast always offer a sense of wonderment: how dramatic the Pacific ocean is! In the city, the endlessly rolling fog keeps the normal people at bay (pun intended). This Mixtape will sound the best when played pretty loudly,… Read More →