Can Art Save the World?

Today I stumbled across the Quora thread Will Art Save the World? and spent some time reading over what I can only describe as a very telling comment thread. After reading it I was left pondering something I’ve often thought about– the very nature of art’s value to humanity. Why do some people value art so highly, while others can so easily dismiss it as ineffectual, pointless, and a waste of time/money?… Read More →

#MuseumOlympics Torch on Fire: A Story of Collaboration + Social Innovation

As the world’s best athletes prepared their minds and bodies to compete for gold in London two weeks ago, a group of Bay Area museum staffers were preparing for a different kind of challenge: how to leverage the Olympic torch’s fiery brightness to shine a little light on art and culture. Thus began the story of the #MuseumOlympics: a collaborative, experimental, and hilarious showdown between cultural institutions on Twitter. As with… Read More →

So you want your museum’s director to take social media seriously…?

A question from today’s #musesocial chat, which I sadly missed due to being ridonkulously busy, but wanted to chime in on anyway: If you could spend 5 minutes with your Director, what would you say about social media? My answer: I imagine the most common struggle right now for museum staffers trying to weave social media into their institution’s fabric is a lack of awareness about why social media is important, or… Read More →