Renewal-Themed Net Art, Fresh For You

This month, I am guest editing the “Renewal”-focused Spring issue of ART21 Magazine. As part of this project, I’ve been working with the multimedia publishing platform NewHive to solicit submissions of original artwork related to the theme. One winning artwork will receive a cash prize, and will receive a solo feature and interview in ART21. So far, I’ve been impressed with the quality of submissions. Below are GIFs created from… Read More →

News: Creative Code Immersive at Gray Area

Hello! I’m excited to write that I’ve started as a student in Gray Area’s Creative Code Immersive, a 10-weeks long, 10-hours-per-week class that will hopefully render me 100% complete Internet Lady Wizard. It feels good you guys, it feels good. During the first week, we covered HTML, CSS, GitHub, Frameworks, and some other odds and ends. My knowledge of HTML and CSS was already pretty decent, but GitHub and frameworks… Read More →

Big news! I’m becoming a free(lance) agent.

In a month, I’ll be leaving my position at SFMOMA in order to pursue creative projects and freelance work at the intersection of art + technology. This is a big change, but the time has come for me to shift gears, and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s next. During my time at the museum, I have worked on so many fulfilling projects. I began as an intern in what… Read More →

#HiveSalon on July 2: How can we harness the creative advantage of the Internet?

Q: The internet allows us to tap into a collective intelligence, but now that we’re all plugged in, there is nothing psychedelic about it. We have all the information we need, but are we any wiser for it? What’s missing? A: The missing piece is between your ears… You seek salvation in the external world, but that world is yours to make. When are you going to learn to control,… Read More →


I cannot begin to count the ways I adore the Obamas. I wish I had lots of money so that I could give more than $20 to their campaign, but since I’m a poor arts worker, I made them this animated GIF instead. As Mitt Romney fumbles his way through the next month and a half, I hope that the FLOTUS/POTUS team will have some time to relax, and possibly… Read More →

Vermont Studio Center

I just completed a week long (too short!) residency at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. It was really fantastic. I completed a new animated projection drawing installation – it’s called APOCALYPSE LATER. More soon!