Renewal-Themed Net Art, Fresh For You

This month, I am guest editing the “Renewal”-focused Spring issue of ART21 Magazine. As part of this project, I’ve been working with the multimedia publishing platform NewHive to solicit submissions of original artwork related to the theme. One winning artwork will receive a cash prize, and will receive a solo feature and interview in ART21. So far, I’ve been impressed with the quality of submissions. Below are GIFs created from… Read More →

Delete Your Account! LIVE

Remember when our online brands were as nascent and juvenile as the platforms that hosted them? Back when LiveJournal was the only place to truly express one’s self and our MySpace pics were the dark embodiment of teenage angst? I’m programming and co-hosting a program at Hunter East Harlem Gallery with my friend and collaborator Alex Teplitzky which will examine the best of our teenaged online worst. If you kept a blog or have any… Read More →

Announcing: I’m heading to Kickstarter!

It feels like it was only yesterday that I announced my plans to move on from my job with SFMOMA in order to do freelance work at the intersection of art and technology. Since I broke out on my own eight months ago, I’ve collaborated with a vast array of amazing people on some very compelling projects that blur the lines between curation, publishing, new media art and storytelling for the digital realm.… Read More →

Chatrooms II // Creative Code Meetup + GIFbites Exhibition

This Friday will mark the second Chatrooms event! For this installation of the series, Morehshin and I are guest-curating Gray Area’s Creative Code Meetup. The evening will feature artist talks by four terrific contemporary new media artists, as well as the United States debut of GIFbites, a group exhibition including over 50 international artists. For the theme of the evening, we’ve chosen to focus on artists who are using online spaces, social… Read More →

NEWS: First Two Chatrooms Events + Panel Discussion at Heron Arts!

Hello! There are a few events that I’m excited to be producing/involved with coming up over the next couple of weeks. This Friday (tomorrow!) will be our first public program designed within Gray Area Art + Tech’s cultural incubator. The event is the first living incarnation of Chatrooms, the program series I’m co-curating with Morehshin Allahyari, which focuses on elevating the dialogue around contemporary new media art in San Francisco. Don’t miss… Read More →

NEWS: Cultural Incubator at Gray Area Art + Tech, “Chatrooms” Series, and More!

I’m pleased to announce that for the next three months, I’ll be in residency at the Gray Area Art + Technology Theater as a founding member of their Cultural Incubator! While in the incubator, I’ll be working on my own art and writing projects, as well as collaborating with fellow new media artist and incubator member Morehshin Allahyari to curate Chatrooms, a series of one-night-only events and online exhibitions focused on bringing the… Read More →

Cybernetic Revolt | Film Night at Rock Bar

When computers kill us off, what will it look like? I’ve been wracking my brain to compile a list of the most aesthetically interesting and bizarre portrayals of humans being overcome by our deadliest creation yet: digital technology. While all these films are of course fictional, the themes hit very close to home. We’re approaching an age where digital technologies have much more power than we tend to acknowledge – at this… Read More →