New Gig Alert: Hello, The Creative Independent

Back in December of 2017, I left my post as Kickstarter’s Director of Curation & Content and headed down a couple flights of stairs to work as the new Creative Content Director at The Creative Independent, a growing resource of emotional and practical guidance for artists of all types.

TCI was established in 2016 and is published ads-free by Kickstarter, PBC (which explains why I still work in the same office 🙂 ). I helped launch TCI when it was in its most nascent days, and have been an avid contributor and advisor as the site has grown. Throughout my time helping and watching TCI from afar as a fan and admirer, I knew it was a project I felt a strong connection with, and one I’d want to fully throw myself behind. Now I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work closely with the team and help grow TCI as a resource as a full-time employee.

A little more about TCI:

Our logo is a spiral, and our mascot is a snail. Each weekday we publish one resource or interview that aims to illuminate the universal delights and challenges of bringing new creative work into the world. You can read more about TCI on our About page. Some things to know: If you like making art and reading things, you might want to subscribe to our experimental newsletters, install our Chrome extension, or just come hang out in our Library. We don’t post on Facebook because we decided it’s not a place we like, but we still have a Twitter. We also offer PDF downloads of all our interviews, since reading things offline is often nicer than reading things in-browser. We endorse taking long walks, thinking contemplatively, making the time and space you need to create things, and being curious.

A little more about my new job:

As Creative Content Director, I focus on producing new programs that expand TCI as a resource, such as our Ask TCI feature, our Reader Wisdom series, and our Worksheet series. I also collaborate with the TCI team to publish interviews, produce events and partnerships, and look for strategic opportunities to make the site and archive more open, useable, and valuable to its readers. I’m excited to be experimenting and approaching the whole job as its own creative undertaking. Want to collaborate, or have an idea? My inbox is always open: willa @

A selection of my writing and ideas for TCI:

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🐶 Addie Wagenknecht on finding happiness and giving zero fucks

🐌 TCI Readers on the challenges of starting something new

🗣 Caroline Sinders on how talking to people improves your work

🤔 Guide: How to work with galleries and collectors as an emerging artist

👋 Ask TCI: What’s the best way to reach out to people you admire?

🗯 Also: TCI’s Chrome Extension. After installing this extension, any time you open a new tab, you’ll see a quote from a TCI article. It’s a simple way to embed a bit of creativity into your daily web-browsing rituals.