⫷ ⬗ \\\ ♦ REAL UNREAL ♦ /// ⬗ ⫸ at Gray Area

On New Year’s Eve, I debuted a new animated projection tryptic on the ceiling of the Gray Area Art + Technology Theater.

The piece was created specifically for the space, and was installed again – in an interactive iteration – on January 8 at Gray Area’s Creative Code Showcase, which also featured work by other students in the 2014 Fall Creative Code Immersive. Check out the full line-up here.


Pyramid_GIFSTATUS: filters alter perception and files distort durability as the light of contemporary culture speeds blindingly through space and time.

In REAL UNREAL, virtual reality and physical space are digitally consolidated through the manipulation of light, color and movement. This piece is intended to be displayed as a ceiling projection in which painting, drawing and animation coalesce, blending the real and unreal together in simulated space. Footage from science experiments, NASA satellites and atmospheric recordings are superimposed over and among images created using synthetics and software.

⫷ ⬗ \\\ ♦ Is anything real? Perception is a trope, the mind is geometric. ♦ /// ⬗ ⫸

Installation photos:

Here’s footage of the tryptic combined into one 15-minute-long video:

And here’s video of the piece installed in an interactive iteration (using Processing and Leap Motion sensors) at Gray Area’s Creative Code Showcase event on 1/8/15:

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