News: Creative Code Immersive at Gray Area


I’m excited to write that I’ve started as a student in Gray Area’s Creative Code Immersive, a 10-weeks long, 10-hours-per-week class that will hopefully render me 100% complete Internet Lady Wizard. It feels good you guys, it feels good.

During the first week, we covered HTML, CSS, GitHub, Frameworks, and some other odds and ends. My knowledge of HTML and CSS was already pretty decent, but GitHub and frameworks were completely new to me. Check out my [not yet very impressive at all] new blog on GitHub, where I’ll be experimenting with techniques learned in class —>

For my reference, I’ll be adding some odds and ends about what I’m learning at the above GitHub address, and hopefully creating some ART using my newfound knowledge. This week, we’ll be learning Processing. I’ve already taken this highly silly yet practical online tutorial which actually pretty much covers all the basics, in case you’re interested.

One more thing: I’ve created a new email newsletter, which will be less about me and more about interesting art+tech+future-related thoughts and articles from around the Internet. Subscribe here! The first email will be going out this week.

More soon <3



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