A New Class I’m Teaching: Inspired Social Media


*While this class already took place, we will be offering online documentation and worksheets from the class soon. Stay tuned!


On the evening of Monday, November 10, I will be teaching a class on social media at the Makeshift Society in Hayes Valley along with my friend and colleague extraordinaire, Kathryn Jaller.

Kathy is currently owning content strategy at Chronicle Books, after recently departing from her role managing digital + social media at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. She and I presented at SXSW together back in March on the subject of digital curation for museums – you can read all about that here.

During our two-hour class titled Inspired Social Media, we’ll be presenting our thoughts on the best creative social media practices for fall 2014, plus spilling the beans on all of our tips and tricks for making great digital content for yourself, your institution, and/or your creative business. Each class participant will receive some 1:1 time and a take-away guide to help you create your own rip-roaring, rock-solid content strategy.


We all use social media, but using it for business – especially creative business – has its own rules. Make sure you’re making effective use of your time online with this session that focuses on concrete tactical strategies that will not only help you grow your influence, but also help you make deeper connections with your network. We’ll present examples of brands and individuals who are doing social right, and teach you how to adopt their strategies to suit your own creative needs.

Takeaways: This class will help you learn best practices for creating impactful visual content, when to implement hashtags, and how and why to use paid options. We’ll help you hone in on your personal voice and give you tips on how to become a trusted content curator with a [email protected] personal brand.

inspiredsocialmedia_headshotInstructor Bios:

Kathryn Jaller and Willa Köerner both got their social start in museums—the Contemporary Jewish Museum and SFMOMA, respectively—where they each grew their institution’s now-established social presences from the ground up. Now Kathryn leads social strategy at Chronicle Books and Willa is putting her skills to work for a wide array of art and technology-focused clients in SF, LA, and NYC. Both Kathryn and Willa know how to effectively activate social media platforms with killer content to create real success, whether that means promoting your business, connecting with new clients, or simply making your voice heard.

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