#HiveSalon on July 2: How can we harness the creative advantage of the Internet?

Q: The internet allows us to tap into a collective intelligence, but now that

we’re all plugged in, there is nothing psychedelic about it. We have all the

information we need, but are we any wiser for it? What’s missing?

A: The missing piece is between your ears… You seek salvation in the

external world, but that world is yours to make. When are you going to learn

to control, manipulate and investigate your own internal technology, that 13

billion-cell supercomputer in your noggin?


Together with the folks of New Hive, I’m hosting a #HiveSalon on July 2, 2013. The topic will be #CreativeAdvantage on the Internet.

We now live in a world where our access to information is endless, and our ability to propagate ideas across vast networks is unlimited. In such an inspiration-rich environment, it makes sense that creativity would thrive. However, I wonder if our senses have been somewhat over-stimulated in a way that has watered down the idea of what it means to be creative. Have the hyper-networked conditions of Tumblr, Instagram, and the likes stunted our understanding of and interest in the power of an original creative expression? As social media has enabled us to easily share our every thought and activity, perhaps we have created an environment of noise, where a sparse number of meaningful creative exchanges are overshadowed by a million micro-exchanges: the like, the share, the reblog. In the sea of creativity online, we’re drowning when we should be floating.

Now more than ever, artists, creative thinkers, and technologists need to come together to consider how we’re shaping the future world of networked creativity. Where and how are meaningful creative exchanges already taking place online? What, exactly, does it mean to have a “meaningful creative experience” online? How can art and technology work together productively to create environments where these experiences can take place more often? How can we work together to harness the power of the Internet to its best creative advantage? 

If you’re interested in attending and discussing these questions with a nice group of good folks (with drinks!), let me know.

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    I’d be interesting in attending this, what’s the best way to get further information about the event?

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