Speaking at The Creators Project this Saturday, March 17 @ 3PM!

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking in a panel discussion on “Museums Going Digital” at Fort Mason Center in SF. As part of The Creators Project—the world’s epicenter of technology and innovation—this panel is just one tiny component to a day filled with art, technology, music, and film.

Here’s more info on the panel’s topic of discussion, from moderator Julia Kaganskiy, Editor of The Creators Project and one of 2011’s most influential women in technology:


Museums are going through some major changes these days, their status quo disrupted by technology. Whether it’s questions about how to extend their collections into the virtual space, how to supplement exhibitions with interactive experiences, or how to tackle the integration of technologically-powered art work into their collections—it’s clearly no longer business as usual. Representatives from the Hirshhorn Museum, SFMOMA, the Exploratorium, and Caitlin Denny will discuss how they are evolving in this new landscape, and how these shifts affect museums and art lovers alike.

If you’re coming to The Creators Project tomorrow, let me know! I hope to see you there.

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