Digital Marketing ♦ #PlayArtfully for SFMOMA

Client: SFMOMA


SFMOMA’s #PlayArtfully digital campaign was presented with the Gold MUSE Award in the Digital Communities category by the American Alliance of Museums in 2015. It also garnered numerous press features — largely all organic — including my favorite, “Know Your Hashtag” from The Creators Project.

An innovative marketing campaign focusing on ideals of playfulness and generosity, #PlayArtfully engaged viewers in accessible, fun, shareable games that inspired creativity. I worked closely on the creative development, copywriting, and content strategy for the campaign, and singlehandedly spearheaded digital activations of the campaign on social media. After moving on from my full-time job managing SFMOMA’s digital engagement initiatives, I continued on as a freelancer to spearhead the digital activations of the campaign, writing dozens of new tiny games to publish each week, and managing implementation and integration of the campaign across SFMOMA’s digital channels.

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-9-46-09-amRather than specifically advertising the museum’s exhibitions and programs, #PlayArtfully worked to make the arts feel more accessible, a goal of our interim closure period and the SFMOMA On the Go campaign as a whole, which took place while the museum was closed for expansion. #PlayArtfully was highly engaging, often directly asking ad viewers/players to proactively share their photos and ideas with their own networks. The prompts encouraged players to be extra creative and thoughtful, which helped the pool of user-generated content to be incredibly high quality — this, in turn, allowed us to feature many user-contributed photos and videos, which gave the campaign a participatory, communal feel. Over the four-month course of the campaign, we were able to highlight a mix of SFMOMA-created tiny games, user-generated media, exhibition-related content, and collection content, all under the versatile #PlayArtfully umbrella. On the whole, players were encouraged to see their life from a more creative perspective, and see the museum as an enabler of play and creativity – enriching the perception of both the museum and the art world as a whole.

Select posts and user responses from the #PlayArtfully campaign: